we are a team of professionals with great experience.

#We are a team of professionals with vast experience and knowledge in the health and in diagnostic imaging areas. This allows us to give specialized support to the different stages involved in the installation, de-installation and maintenance of medical equipment, as well as related infrastructure in Argentina and the world.

This makes us the best alternative when it comes to advising and providing specific technical services with personnel specialized in different areas. Our strategic alliance with field engineers, specialists in medical imaging, allows us to provide solutions to the different needs posed by different types of equipment, such as tomography, MRI, ultrasound, X-ray, angiography, nuclear medicine, mammography units, PACS associated computer solutions, and others. This allows us to offer the client a wide range of services and coverage, focusing on global services allowing us to redistribute the operational costs associated with specific services of each equipment.

We focus on the study, implementation, continuity and sustainability of programs and projects, decision-making in the different stages that comprise the planning, acquisition and management of the technological resources of an institution, complementing the above with training in the use of equipment and providing computer solutions. Our objective is to work together with the companies, with the excellence and quality that these types of works call for.

To accomplish this, we offer our team of professionals ongoing training in all the processes involved, to offer our clients the confidence and the certainty that the job is carried out according to the established standards.


To be a leading company, able to face global competition, with high quality standards and commitment to our customers.

To be known for the human and professional quality of our people, for our services, and the solutions we offer our clients.


To provide efficient and high-quality technical support by our expertise and ongoing training, having as premise to achieve the satisfaction of our customers, extending the useful life of the equipment and ensuring maximum availability of them, with an optimal use of resources, positioning the technical service not as financial expense, without return, but as an investment.

We aim at the conservation and repair of equipment, specific support systems, user services and the implementation of a continuous improvement system, ensuring quality and competitiveness, considering maintenance not as a financial expense, but as an investment.